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We are a group of academics, environmentalists, and global leaders who carry out and support education and research in the environment, sustainable development, peace, and humanitarian process throughout the world.

We are honored to serve as a special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). We dedicate our actions and all profits to bring about World Environmental Peace.


We work to build a better life and equal chances for everyone

NIEP creates a knowledge platform needed for the vision of Environmental Peace and achieves this goal through the implementation of community action, research programs, health, and education initiatives.

With the purpose of conveying peace and development, we are committed to United Nation Sustainable Development Goals. We approach this goal through defining and implementing projects to identify, prevent and eliminate vulnerabilities. With employing the human rights based approach, we promote access to education, health and livelihood for vulnerable groups to establish conditions of sustainability.

What We Do

Workshops and training

NIEP organize several conferences in supporting the prime objectives of ECOSOC to promote the higher standard of living and to identify solutions to economic, social, cultural, health, and educational

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Research and Project Reports

NIEP in partnership with universities and dedicated research agencies contributes researches at all stages, and assess their relevance and effectiveness on development, peace and environment. These research projects include

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Innovation and Environmental peace building

NIEP works on innovative projects relevant to the environment, purifying air and water pollution, ecofriendly and green technologies to destroy the new threat to the human race. We also

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Peace and Development

NIEP conducts need assessment as well as defines and implements projects related to education, health, and livelihoods of vulnerable groups including women, children, elderly, and people with disabilities regardless

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